Sunday, July 12, 2009

The other side of the pond

So Im in England. Again! Isnt it great!

I arrived very early thursday morning, having not slept a wink on the plane. Dave was not only kind enough to pick me up from the airport but to then make me a cooked English breakfast when we got home! I couldnt help thinking how jealous my handsome husband would be that I was eating good bacon without him! Dave let me take a nap but woke me up after an hour; when I begged for longer, he let me sleep another 30 minutes. We picked mum up after work and went out for Chinese.

Friday I had to actually do some work! It was alright though; after a week of rain, I got lucky to stay warm and dry all day. Especially lucky since I didnt bring a rain jacket!

The weather is definitely not as I expected. I brought summer dresses and shorts and just threw in a pair of jeans last minute, and boy am I glad I did! It rained most of the day saturday and was pretty chilly (that is at least coming from someone who has been used to 100F weather!). We tried to go to Cambridge but there was tons of traffic and tourists for the strawberry festival so we just headed down to Epping to meet my sister, where upon we got stuck in a traffic jam on the M11. Great. Lunch was nice though. Mum and I ordered sandwiches and then this huge plate of at least 6 different cured meats and 5 thick slices of bread got placed infront of Jade, the smallest one at the table! I found myself again thinking of how jealous Danny would be of all the meat Jade was consuming! Why do I always think of Danny when there is food around!

Ive enjoyed two days of having nothing to get up for! I wake up around 7am and lay there until around 930am. Unheard of at home! Ive now spent the day doing nothing, and I see why people do it. Its rather relaxing. Although its not 3pm and I also see why I dont do this more than about once a year! I got up around 930am, had some juice. We rode to the train station to buy my ticket for tomorrow morning where the little guy in the booth told me I was a Lulu and he just couldnt believe my stupidity for not realising that I could buy a ticket straight to Farnborough rather than having to buy one from here to Kings Cross then one from Waterloo to Farnborough. Different companies own the trains, how was I supposed to know! Then I went for a jog out in the blustery but sunny weather. Its really frustrating being unfit when you are not used to it. I walked a lot, again, something Im not used to doing when out for a jog. Took a shower, ate some homemade jam on bread and sat outside reading my book and listening to the incredible strong winds and singing birds around me. I think the rest of the afternoon brings a Skype converstation with my beloved and a roast dinner made by my mummy. Yeay!

Off to work nice and early tomorrow morning. Got to catch the 645am with my mum to arrive in Farnborough around 9am ish. Ah well, guess they sent me here so I spose I should do some work!

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