Sunday, July 26, 2009

Enjoying my sunday

Today begun tremendously stormy with instantaneous lightening and thunder so of course both Tux and I were scared. I made sure I had a manly arm across my side (as I now have my very own man home!) and Tux made sure he was perfectly positioned next to my side of the bed getting tickled behind the ears. It was so dark in the room because of the black clouds that before I knew it, it was 9am! Thats about the latest Ive stayed in bed, asleep, for probably months!

Today is an ambitious one for me. I started french baguettes yesterday so I get to bake them today. I have already prepared bagels and multi-grain bread, Im just letting them rise. I pruned the rosemary bush yesterday so I intend to make garlic focaccia bread today also, but I might prepare it and put the dough in the fridge for tomorrow. Its not all for me! In fact I probably wont keep much of the bread I make today. It was my friends mums birthday friday so I thought Id send her some jam and fresh bread. My girlies have expressed an interest in some baguettes (although Im going to keep one of those!). I am making some as a thank you for Glenn Wilson, a gentleman from work who brought me 3 bags of blackberries, 2 bags of plums and 2 bags of figs during the week. And I thought my handsome young husband would like some fresh hot bagels for his breakfast, if he ever gets out of bed! Its 1030am already! While all of the bread is proofing Im going to attempt to make my own recipe up for fig and ginger preserve, which I am especially excited about! The list goes on... I have an entire colander full of tomatoes from my garden so Im going to make some marinara with those and finally I have to trim to the basil so Im going to make pesto, although I couldnt find pine nuts at the supermarket yesterday so its going to be roasted hazelnuts instead.

Oh and its stopped raining now and should be clear til about 3pm so I might go out and weed a flower bed! Ive got a new outlook on weeding... rather than being daunted by it and never getting started because there is too much to do, Im just going to go out and do a flower bed and then quit for the day. Yesterday I did a small flower bed by the house and the veggie patch. It only took about 4 hours and it felt good to get some done but I didnt feel exhausted and like Id spent my entire day in the garden. So which bed today!?

I found a bright green tree frog hidden among the cucumber and bean vines, so Ill try and get a picture of him if I can just find my camera! The veggie patch is beginning to look a bit better, with all this rain. Some of the tomato plants are dying (too much water!) but some are thriving and I finally got some Plum Lemons; they are incredible, bright yellow and just like a lemon! Ive now got marigold bushes, zinnias and sunflowers within the tomatoes so it even looks pretty! There are lots of little cucumbers getting ready and some green beans. Summer 's grandfathers hot pepper plant has gone crazy this year and the basil and oregano is finally growing well, but other than that, its a bit of a loss this year, no squash or zucchini, no bell or banana peppers and the corn all got eaten while I was away.

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  1. I'm glad to hear about all you've been doing. All your food sounds so good. One of these days, I'm going to park myself in your kitchen and just eat everything you put in front of me!