Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Holiday time!

With a totally new look to shock my family, we are off to England. Not looking forward to the long, long flight through Amsterdam but its the price you have to pay, I guess. We are doing a family Christmas with my sis Sunday as she is stuck working most of the time and cant come with us on our excursion. Then Wednesday we head on up to Fort William, Scotland. I think its about a 9 hour drive, so Im sure that wont be too fun either. The 10 day forecast for Fort William predicts snow and 32F average high during the day. We have packed hiking boots each and expect to be tramping through the snow up the mountains a little ways. Fun fun fun! I wont be cooking, cleaning, doing laundry or ironing for two weeks! Hopefully it will leave me refreshed to get on my yard when I get home, the leaf situation is totally out of control. I cannot believe I have left it this long!

Even though this may seem a little premature...

Have a great Christmas!

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