Friday, December 11, 2009

Winter syndrome

I realise I have not posted in rather a long time, but there isnt too much going on really.

We have a new addition to our family. A beautiful dark blue manual, diesel VW Jetta - Danny's new baby! He denies it every morning when we have to take separate cars... he hands over the Jetta keys and I say, 'no dear, you take the Jetta, Ill take the Outback', and I grin; he denies that he wants it, I should have the nicer car he says, but I know he wants the Jetta so I just increase my smile and take the Outback keys. Doesnt matter to me, as long as I get to work safely. The Subaru is still a really nice car, it just needs a good clean! In actual fact, I think the Subaru that we have is a much more luxurious car than the Jetta, but its a little older and let's face it, hatchbacks are practical family cars that boys who like toys just dont like as much as nippy little Diesel engine Volkswagon Jettas. We were a little put out by the initial low gas mileage, but you have to run a diesel engine in, and the mpg are already increasing, so hopefully we will be averaging 50 mpg here shortly!

Not much else going on really. Not too much baking occurring, just the usual bread for the week. I used to think a nice warm kitchen in the summer was the best thing for tasty bread, but after doing a little research online and now baking bread in the winter, I have come to realise that cool rising for triple the time makes a much more full bodied bread. The best schedule is to get up early and prepare bread at 6am. Turn and shape at lunchtime. Bake after work. Might make myself some ginger bread tomorrow when Danny is out at his wedding. Gosh that boy gets married a lot! (Actually stole that phrase from my father-in-law).

Went to the Veggie Potluck last night and it was remarkably fun! Lots and lots of people and everyone brought two or three dishes each so the amount of food available was incredible! All vegetarian or vegan meals, obviously. My favourite thing last night was the Vegan Dahl, I scooped it up with my multigrain bread and it was just divine! It was nice to get out of the house, a task I find hard when its cold and dark from about 445pm onwards.

We are off to the UK next week for the Holiday Season so Im being terribly lazy and dont have any Christmas decorations up and havent even sent out cards. Oh dear. Im seriously looking forward to sitting around my mum's house eating mince pies and drinking tea by the fire and not doing too much else! We drive up to Fort William, Scotland just before Christmas to spend a few days with Dave's family so we will hopefully do lots of tromping around the mountains in the snow!

Happy Christmas baking to all of those of you who can make the effort in these cold, dark times!


  1. Isn't it a nice break to not do decorations this season? I took the year off at the house since we'll all be in North Texas at the grandparents. I too am enjoying finishing this semester of school without so much stress of getting it all done. My cards are usually after Christmas too! Have a great visit with your parents. Family is what it is all about!!!

  2. Thanks Sherry! You guys have a great christmas too, look after my Sum for me!