Friday, January 1, 2010

British Antics

Our journey to England was a little manic, it has to be said. We taxied for 40 minutes on the runway in Amsterdam, so when we got off the plane we only had 30 minutes to our next flight. Instead of booking us onto the next flight, Delta chose to book us onto the one after that. Of course our cell phones didnt work in Amsterdam but they had given us phone credit so we were able to call my mum, who was picking us up; but her cell phone was dead so I had to leave her a message and hope she got it. My poor mum sat at Heathrow for 5 hours, having dropped her friend off earlier in the day. Best 1.75GBP coffee she ever bought! The parking ticket meter ate our ticket so we had to stand there in the freezing cold waiting for the attendant. Then we hopped on the motorway to sit in traffic, so we put the radio on to get the low-down, and Sally Traffic said there was stand-still traffic on the M25 (London's ring road) from junctions 12 to 22. We were at junction 13. At which point, my mum realised that the numbers were going down, not up - we were going the wrong way round! But by that stage we had skipped all of the stand-still traffic on the other side of the road, so we decided just to keep going. Then it started snowing! Eventually we got to my parents house around 9pm ish, instead of 130pm ish had we caught our intended flight - exhausted!

We visited my grandmother on the monday and it snowed again on the way home. Really heavy snow in a short amount of time. It took my mum and I six hours to get home; a 1.5 hour journey. The first 12 miles took about 5 hours! I was starting to realise that I was going to sit in a car most of my holiday!

Tuesday we drove (see, more time in a car) up to Fort William, Scotland; a 9 ish hour drive. The snow up there was much thicker and made for a pretty white christmas. We had a daily trudge through the snow and was fed abundantly by Dave's sister Lorna. We played cards every night with randomly chosen teams, and the teams I was on only lost once! My claim to Samba fame!

We flew out of Edinburgh airport Tuesday morning, probably much more efficient than leaving from Gatwick or Heathrow, where delays were much greater. We flew to Amsterdam again, where they scanned your stuff, and went through each bag individually, and patted everyone down, seriously patted you down. As a result, our plane left an hour later than scheduled and it was a close call on our third flight, but we made it with a hair to spare. We were awake 24 hours that day but unfortunately still jet lagged, so despite finally falling into bed at 1130pm, I still woke up around 430am, but managed not to wake Danny up til about 630am! Wasnt I good!?

We had the Klimetz' over for NYE last night but I got tired and so sneaked into bed when they went outside to do fireworks at 10pm. They woke me up to celebrate and drink sparkling grape juice (god that stuff is awful, tastes like a rubber ball) at 1150pm and I went back to bed at 1210am! I had cooked lots and lots of food, mostly unnecessarily as there was tons left over, and we played board games. Oh, dont ever buy Battle of the Sexes... the boy questions are easy and the girl questions are impossible. Although the boys we played with, summized that it just showed how selfish girls are that they dont learn anything about things that interest boys. Although they didnt know half the answers to our questions! I mean seriously, any ideas what the engine in a dune buggy is? Or the second longest continually running sporting event? (I have got this one now though, Kentucky Derby.) Needless to say, we lost miserably. Break out the Boggle, Ill show you a thing or two! We didnt get to eat the delicious cheesecake I made yesterday as no one had room after the baked brie, Bruce's Southern Caviar, pulled pork, wedge fries, braised cabbage, french bread and blondies, to mention just a few things that took up my day. So perhaps its cheesecake for breakfast!

Im still jet lagged so Im sneakily writing this post in bed while the sun comes up and the three young men in my life snore away happily (only one of them is in my bed, dont worry! Id never sleep with two massive dogs in the bed, there would be no room for me!). I have some sewing and knitting to do, so I suppose Ill get up and do that now, while everyone else sleeps. Excited for our typical NY day activities of a nice long walk with the dogs and afternoon trip to the cinema, perhaps Sherlock Holmes today.

I think its going to be a great year this year. No resolutions as you only end up breaking them. Instead Ill give thanks to all those that love me and are so generous with their friendships and time. I hope I do as much for you all as you do for me. I am particularly thankful for my wonderful husband (who cleaned the entire house yesterday so that I didnt have to worry about it, and the oven when my cheesecake base leaked butter that burned to the bottom of the oven and filled the kitchen with black smoke!). Im also thankful for my mummy who is always there with the perfect comforting words and a hug. Even big girls need tlc!

Now, to plan what cake I shall make myself for my birthday next week, hmmmmm! Sweet potato perhaps, with a cream cheese frosting!

Im sure Ill find some pictures to post next week.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Okay, Samba AND Boggle? I'm impressed!