Thursday, January 28, 2010

17 weeks pregnant

First off, Id like to say this is my 101 blog post since I started this blog for my mum and sister last winter.

At 17 weeks pregnant, you are in your 18th week of pregnancy. Confusing.

The size of the baby at this point is totally different depending upon which book or website you read (probably around 5.5-6 inches though).

Scary fact (according to this website): your uterus is approximately the size of a cantaloupe. What is scarier than that, is that at not even half way, its going to get much much larger!

Cute fact (same website): around this time your baby becomes more sensitive to the outside world and shows it presence through powerful kicks and prods. I have begun to feel these, but they are very irregular. At first it felt like someone had opened a soda can in my lower abdomen and all the little tiny bubbles were fizzing up. Now it just feels like there is an angry little alien in there which responds to being prodded by pushing back. Cruel mother that I am, I do like to prod Munch and see if anything happens and Danny had a go last night. Mean parents. More often than not though, nothing happens! Guess its not a one trick pony just yet.

Along with the ever expanding uterus, comes very disconcerting Round Ligament Pains. I wouldn't exactly call them 'pains', but they are not especially comfortable. It is everything moving around, making room and stretching in there and feels like period pains. In your logical calm head, you know that its just 'relocation' (ugh) but in your frantic panicking head something is wrong. Oh well, here's to staying calm.

Another odd thing that I didnt expect to feel was a complete lack of appetite. There is nothing I want to eat and I dont ever seem to want to eat. I get a headache if I haven't eaten in a while, so I know its time, but still not feeling like eating. How strange. Or Ill start eating something and not want any more. I thought Id be eating everything in sight! The 20 lbs Ive already put on says that I am eating everything in sight but I tell you, I dont eat any more than I did 6 months ago. I find the weight gain thing funny too. I weighed myself sunday and had put on 1 lb in 3 weeks. Weighed myself wednesday and I had put on 5 lbs since sunday! How does that work!? Ive had to drop the weight fascination because I dont want to become obsessed. Im just eating when I want to eat, and not when I dont. Phew.

Enough pregnancy information for one day?


  1. We better see a belly pic on here sooner rather than later! :)