Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I find it funny how people ask pregnant women, "How are you feeling?", with that Im-sorry-you-are-so-ill look. I do find it really funny. Im not moaning at all, coz I hate reading moany blogs, its just not fun and because people are just showing concern for you and your little one, which is considerate. I just find it amusing. A small number of people (usually women who remember their pregnancy) ask you how you are with a smile on their face like its not big deal, but then there are those (mostly men) that act like something is wrong with you.

To all those who want to know how Im feeling, I feel great. A little tired of course, but generally, great. Last night I jogged to the tennis courts and (sort of) played tennis with my husband for an hour. I did have to hide in the bushes on the bike track to pee, but that cant be helped. We are terrible terrible tennis players but we had so much fun. Danny insisted he got to play to the doubles lines because there were two on my side of the court, but I had to play to the singles lines - not fair!

Today I have to go get the flu and H1N1 vaccinations, and I have to say, Im tremendously anxious. More so about the aftermath, because I have no problem giving blood; but they are taking something out, not putting something in. I was not going to get the vaccinations, because I can handle getting ill. My doctor thinks that I may even have had H1N1 when I was horribly sick in November, but who knows now. Its just that if you have the vaccination while pregnant, your baby gets it too, where as Munch cant have its own shots for these things until at least 6 months. So being born in a college town when school is about to start back up, makes Munch vulnerable. Suppose this is a good a time as any to start playing the responsible parent. I have already prepared for a rough evening - Danny is cooking dinner while I take a nap.

Wish me luck!

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