Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Birthday Disaster!!!

My birthday started with a bit of a bang this morning!

Our pipes froze over night, so no shower for me!

We thought our heating was broken but have finally worked out that it just gets so cold at night that it takes the system too long to heat up. We are going to have to keep it at a much warmer temperature for the next week, since the high will be 21F for the next few days. Hopefully today's high of 40F will thaw the pipes, because if not, they will be that way for the next week! Thankfully they didnt burst everywhere, but Im not counting my chickens yet, it could still get ugly.

The dogs probably dont know what's going on as they were allowed to stay inside this morning! I should actually be allowed to go home, my office is a chilly 58F and shows no signs of warming up. Luckily I dressed for seriously cold weather today! Just cant warm those tootsies up!

I made myself a beautiful and delicious sweet potato cake last night, which Im going to frost at lunchtime, so Ill take a picture of it then! So excited!

We bought donuts for a birthday breakfast! It was a little disappointing to wake up and want to go out for breakfast but not be able to think of anywhere in town I actually wanted to eat on my birthday. So I had oatmeal (with raspberry jam, of course) and will have donuts for my early morning snack! That works!


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  1. Yay for the birthday!!! I'm thinking of you today.

    Boo on the frozen pipes. I hope they don't burst!! Fortunately our pipes are on the interior of our house because it is supposed to be -8 on Friday night with a windchill of -25. That is just plain ridiculous!!