Monday, November 22, 2010

Annual check up...

One week its the baby, the next week the dog. We always debate Mojo's age but he is probably around 10 or 11 years old. And boy did the vet keep going on about his getting on in age, so I guess poor old Mojo is officially an old dog.

Things wrong with growing old:
His hair is starting to shed and not grow back, resulting in bald patches.
He has cataracts and may very well go blind. On the upside, it will only be partial blindness. How the vet knows this, I dont know.
He has a degenerative bone disorder with his hips and arthritis and needs two full strength aspirin a day.
Somehow he still has heartworm, despite the other vet telling us it was all gone. Due to his age, the only thing to do to rid him of heart worm is to keep giving him the Inteceptor and hope it goes away.
As a result of the heartworm, or possibly sinus issues (vet didnt know the answer to this one) he has a hacking cough, for which nothing can be done. It sounds like he is going to vomit every hour or so. Though it is worse in the mornings I suppose, so it could very well be a sinus issue.

On the positive side of things, perhaps, he will apparently live a long time. Perhaps, because I hate for him to suffer. Though he seems spritely now, so hopefully his hips arent hurting him too much in general.

Makes me not want to grow old. I already have sore knees and a bad neck and shoulders...

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