Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It is still Tuesday!

How is it still Tuesday! Today seems like an eternity!

Im totally loving being a stay at home Mum this week, but only because I feel on top of my game. And that is only because H is sleeping 2-3 hours a morning in his bed, enabling me to get all of my work done, and a little house work. You gotta love a clean house and a happy Mummy!

We have done so much today, I cannot believe it is still Tuesday, not that I ever believed it was Tuesday in the first place!

Anyway, Im trying to be more healthy today, so Im having an apple with my (nightly) Reese's peanut butter cup today! For a girl that does not like chocolate, I sure have eaten a lot of chocolate since H was born.

Oh dear. I just realised why I am so spritely at 8pm in the evening! I had caffeine today for the first time in several years! I had a chai tea at the coffee shop this afternoon, I wonder when that will wear off!

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