Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I am frustrated.

I have never spent 2 hours at the opticians, especially when there is nothing wrong with me and my prescription didnt change.

I also do not like the optician. I think he is a sleazy, stuck up frat boy that never grew up.

Our apt was for 835am. I didnt think it would be that bad, even though nap time is at 9am. I figured we would be home by 930am at the latest. I mean seriously, how long can it take to look at some letters on a board. Well they didnt see us til 915am, ridiculous. Then they kept fitting other people in around us. Poor Henry was ever so good but obviously aggravated that he wasnt asleep. He past out on the way home, instantly. We didnt get home util 1045am. Ridiculous.

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