Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy 7 month birthday little man!

Please note the following; I am standing on my own, yes, unattended! Oh and the copious amounts of drool running down my body!

The 7 month scoop on the H-man... I have two teeth now, the bottom middle two. I wake up several times a night, because I know my mummy is super tired, or perhaps because my second tooth has been coming in. I sit up well, but still avoid tummy time, so who knows when Ill be crawling. I have this new gummy smile, which is adorable and my Papa seems to be my favourite person! I have been skipping my late afternoon nap and surprisingly, not being a grumpy pants in the evening. I have moved on up into 6-9 month clothes and mummy says I am getting heavier and the cheeky woman says I have leg rolls. I have expanded my food repertoire and my favourite thing to eat is chopped banana in vanilla yoghurt.

As ever, I am a super happy young man...

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