Thursday, February 10, 2011

I happily stand corrected

H and I had a lovely evening of intense playing. Im not sure that I have ever seen him play so hard, out of the bath. I would show him a toy and he would grab it, and play with it, until I showed him a different toy. In this way, we got all of the toys out of one toy box, and then slowly put them all back, playing with each one a second time. For an hour and a half he sat, naked on his bedroom floor, screeching with happiness. In the end, I had to take them all away from him at 650pm to put his pjs on. He usually breaks down around 630pm into an exhausted monster shell that is my son. He also had a fit because apparently the dinner I had prepared for him was not big enough. Don't get me wrong, I nursed him at 230pm and 430pm. Then he ate his dinner at 530pm, which consisted of a tablespoon each of oatmeal, pears and butternut squash. That's a lot of food. I made up some more oatmeal but since I didnt mix anything in with it, he screamed bloody murder, so I made him our usual smoothie; yoghurt, blueberries, peaches, soy milk and flax and he proceeded to drink as much as he could, whilst getting the rest of it over his face (drinking from a pint glass isn't so easy when you are 7 months old, but heck, you sure are going to try!). I then mixed some smoothie in with the second lot of oatmeal and he finished it off. Then I nursed him before bed at 7pm. Its incredible to me, how much one little man can eat! He is still sound asleep, so I guess that hardcore play session was good on many levels!

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