Saturday, February 12, 2011

My first visit to Costco

Knox and Henry at Costco! Who ever thought of double wide trolleys/carts was a genius!

After three days of freezing cold weather and living in a white world, stuck inside going stir crazy, today was absolutely beautiful and of course, Henry and I had an absolutely fantastic day! We played this morning, I ran during his first nap, then we had a play date with Sophia and Alison; learning how to share toys is going to be challenging since he doesnt go to day care. After another nap we walked the dogs in the glorious sunshine. It was the first time that Henry was big enough to touch the toys that hang in his Chariot and not be wearing gloves! We played some more and played some more, Papa payed us a surprise visit (he has been at the Film Fest all weekend and we havent really seen him since Wednesday), then we had a 40 minute bath! Henry is tucked away in bed, most probably exhausted, especially with only two naps today. I have made him a most delicious meal for next week; a barley vegetable risotto. It is so good that I almost ate it for dinner myself but I have no more barely and what kind of a mother takes food away from her baby! But if tomorrow night he doesn't like it... well game on, there is no point wasting it is there! All there is left to do is laundry and stuffing diapers; will I ever rest...

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