Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dinner time!

I have had various complaints about the lack of posting and I do apologise, we are ever busy in this household, of course!

We spent the Memorial Day weekend 'blitzing' our house, getting it ready to sell. Yes, we are moving! We are hoping to close on Bramlett Boulevard on Thursday... this crazy show is moving down town baby! We will be minutes walking distance from the childrens park, the skate park and the library and a 20 minute walk to the square. Fantastic! Then this past weekend we went to Maryland to visit friends who are due at the end of July. Lots of fun!

This is a demonstration video on how to get your chilluns to eat greens! Henry had refused to eat most everything over the weekend, kinda embarrassing when you are dining with soon to be parents who are probably thinking, 'well, what a naughty child, and she lets him just eat yoghurt at every meal time'. So I made dinner last night cautious that he might not even touch the Spinach Pea Pasta, but here is the evidence that, last night at least, he stinkin' loved it! (recipe to follow!)

Henry loves his pasta! from Danny Klimetz on Vimeo.

Spinach Pea Pasta

(dont tell the kids whats in it - you could alternatively call it Monster Snot Pasta)

Boil the contents of a small bag of frozen spinach and half a bag of frozen peas for 4 - 6 minutes. In a food processor, blend with Olive Oil, a heafty serving of Pesto (4 heaped tablespoons probably), a box of cream cheese (8oz) and season with salt and pepper.

Meanwhile, cook wholewheat pasta for 2 minutes less than package directions (I also saved the water I boiled the spinach and peas in and cooked the pasta in that - no reason, just saving water really). Drain pasta, storing pasta water. Return pasta to pot with half of spinach mix and several large splashes of pasta water and cook down the water until its a thick pasta sauce (minute or two).

Watch your child enjoy greens! Then enjoy the left over sauce as a dip for crackers for lunch the next day!

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