Monday, June 27, 2011


Do you have any idea how much windows cost!?!?

I do. Since we drove all the way to Batesville today to go buy some at Lowe's, where they are currently 15% off. Didn't have correct sizes and numbers, essential when forking out this much money, so we picked the windows out and have to go back tomorrow with dimensions and credit cards.

Approximately $475 per window.

Yes, we are buying 11 windows, and that doesn't even cover the entire house, but it's all we are willing to do right now! Dont want to get ahead of ourselves on the renovations.

Danny is a little distressed that the delivery time on the windows is 28 days, so we will be moving into the house before they have finished (or for that matter, started) our bedrooms, but I knew they would take that long, so I had already prepared myself for living in a construction site. Do they make hot pink hard hats? Or do they just sell those at Adult Stores?!

Great summer pasta for dinner tonight...
Shave a small zucchini/courgette with a vegetable peeler, toss with hot cooked pasta, a diced fresh tomato, some diced fresh mozzarella, olive oil, lemon juice and a splash of balsamic and some freshly picked basil. Yummy! Henry even preferred it to his spaghetti.

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