Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Today we spent $4800 on windows. Windows just for three bedrooms. 5 windows. And despite that sounding like a huge amount of money, we got tons of money off. They were 15% off this week and we had a 10% off coupon. What a good time of year to move house. Our appliances, which arrived today, were also 15% off last week. We are now the proud owners of a very nice fridge, dishwasher and a very red washer and drier. I have yet to see any of them.

Tip of the day: if you need to buy some things from Lowe's go to the postoffice and get a change of address packet, there is a 10% off coupon inside.

There really isnt much that my wonderful husband says that is just plain stupid, but he seems to think that there are simply less mosquitos in the city. I know that he thinks that moving to the city is going to improve life to the max, but no mosquitos, especially when there is a storm drain in our back yard, seriously!

Today he has rented a U-haul, bought a bunch of beer and is picking up hamburgers from Larry's and some friends are helping him move a ton of big stuff. Spare beds, sofas, book shelves... our house looks like a bomb has explode and left nothing behind! So that I dont feel totally useless, sitting here while they empty out the shed at the new house which was left FULL of 10 years of someone else's crap, I am going to clean the kitchen, unpack the dishwasher and iron some shirts. What a fun night ahead!

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