Friday, June 24, 2011

Letters from our readers...

"Consider this a formal complaint. When you started your blog you were peeved no-one seemed to read it. Now we are all hooked you have put three entries on since April - this is simply not good enough. We would like more long term commitment. We are growing old, we can only look forward to living vicariously (look it up!) and therefore you should take your responsibilities seriously. Don't make excuses about work, child, moving house, exercising, cleaning, laundry, gardening, shopping, socialising, spending time with husband or other inconsequential activities - prioritise!"

Well reader, I apologise, and to anyone else that may feel this way. I had no intention of leaving you bored at home, alone, I have just allowed life to take over... So here is what we have been up to lately...

1. We bought a house! Yes, we are moving down town! Danny wanted a newer house where nothing would go wrong. We bought a 1960s gem that needs everything replacing, he just found black mould and Im sure the paint is full of lead. On the upside, we get to totally re-model and get everything the way we want it, we will be living 5 minutes walk from the children's park, the skate park (because you just know Henry will be a dare devil when he is older), the public library and all of the schools. We are a 20 minute stroll from the square and all the fun stuff that comes along with that.

2. We accepted an offer on our house! 18 days was what it took. Unfortunately the inspection has apparently come back with a list of small things to fix so we just need to think about how much we want this sale to go through and how much we are willing to pay for it.

3. We got new jobs! In the fall we start working for an International private consultancy firm called Cardno Entrix, doing pretty much what we do now, just a much more stressful job for much more moola. Nothing for nothing eh.

As if that's not enough, Henry is every growing, of course! He is crawling at lightening speed and has decided he needs to eat his dinner with a fork (that he yields) and drink from a regular glass (only). Our beautifully behaved wee-bern has turned into a naughty little devil, almost over night. It took us three nights in a row (apparently at the end of the day we are tired and less quick to notice) to realise that we were getting played at dinner time. He would have a fit until I picked him up and let him finish his dinner sitting on my lap. As soon as we realised that it was the third night in a row that I was covered in food because he was sitting on my lap, we ceased allowing him to sit on my lap and so dinner time now results in screaming and an all out tantrum within 5 minutes. After 5 more minutes he stops crying because he realises we arent going to do anything about it. Poor little man, yeah right. He knows exactly what he is doing. He is sort of self-weaning, which is probably good because I wouldnt have the heart to forcefully wean him Im sure. Some days he does not nurse at all, sometimes once or twice. We enjoy going to the City pool most of our days together. Henry thinks he can swim un-aided, which means you have to constantly have your wits about you, and putting his head under water is no problem at all. In fact he sits on the edge of the pool and dives in so that I have to catch him as he goes under. I have had to work several weeks of full time lately and that has not been nice since we havent got to spend much time together, but I told my boss that I couldnt do it anymore.

So we are currently in-undated with re-modelling decisions. Constantly packing more boxes up and thus living in a shell, basically. We have bought some of our appliances, which while fun ordering exactly what you want, was not nice when you look at the total bill! Trying to get through each day making progress but stopping to enjoy play time with our little man and squeezing some sleep in there somewhere. I look forward to coming to some agreements on the inspection findings and closing August 1st. Please please please buy our house crazy lady from Tuscaloosa.

Oh, and I know what living vicariously means. Im not 5 mum! And thanks for the 'complaint' it really made me laugh today!

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  1. I enjoyed the post. I am so sorry you guys are having a rough go of it, but I know next fall when you're living in your newly-remodeled house downtown, it will all be worth it!