Monday, January 10, 2011

7 inches, oh my!

Mississippi rarely gets snow, and thankfully adverse weather conditions (such as tornadoes and hurricanes) generally skip past Oxford, up on its little hill by the reservoir. But last night we got 7 inches of snow!


So, with no work and a blanket of snow outside, what to do!? Henry enjoyed popping out this morning but not nearly as much as the dogs did! They were prancing around like puppies! We got some cute pictures so Ill have to get those of Danny lately. Danny has gone to the square to take photos, Henry is napping, I cleaned the skirting/base boards in the spare room and am now waiting for the little man to awake. This afternoon we are going to take the dogs to the park so they can run around some more and Henry can experience some more snow time.

Danny, of all people, decided that we needed to clean our house out, so yesterday we started on the spare room and we are (hopefully) going to make a swath through the entire house. We have a huge pile of (crap) stuff for Salvation Army and our spare room is clean and navigable once again. Next its the spare bathroom and Henrys room. Yes, I know, we started on the easy rooms first, but you need to positive outcomes to motivate you ever onward.

Oh, I hear a chirping from the other room. On to my mummy business.

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