Friday, January 21, 2011

Henry's 6 month stats

So Henry is a little on the small side now. When all of my friends kept saying that their kids were in the 9-12 month range of clothing at the 6 month age and H is still in his 3-6 month mostly, I figured he was small for his age; and today it was confirmed.

Height: 26 inches (28%)
Weight: 14lbs 13oz (6%)
Head circumference: 44cm (52%)

So yes, he is small for his age, but he eats lots and lots of solid food and nurses whenever he is hungry, so perhaps he is just a small person.

Achievements this week: He can sit up just fine unattended. I still leave pillows around him when I leave him on the floor alone, but thats mostly because he likes to follow me to make sure he can see me and if I am behind him he ends up falling over. He can pick up (Kashi organic) cheerios from a surface and put them in his mouth, though a large proportion of them are also deposited on the floor. He likes to scream with joy rather a lot.

Ongoing problem: He is still constantly constipated. The doctor thinks this has nothing to do with his diet (since he eats oatmeal, peaches and pears daily) but more to do with not having yet achieved the 'learned' process of pooing. So I have to give him a glycerin suppository every 48 hours until he has grasped this process. Yeay for mummy.

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  1. Henry looks awfully handsome in that red sweater!! (Do I recognize it from a certain shopping trip in Nashville?)