Thursday, January 20, 2011

How do people do it?

If you think its hard going to work, try looking after multiple children. Having done this for not even 3 hours yet today, I am going to get more serious about birth control for the time being! How does anyone have multiple children every single day!? H has my cold and is suffering from it pretty bad, combine that with the beginnings of separation anxiety and you've got a worn out mummy. Add to that the 17 month old daughter of a friend, who also has a cold and is not used to be being away from her mummy, and you have an even more tired mummy! I ate cake for breakfast, because it was convenient; holding H, chasing Sophia round the house in case she got into trouble. Im also not used to a baby that wont nap. She is obviously tired, so I put her in the pack and play with a few of her favourite things and she is just crying. I have no idea what to do! H just goes on to sleep. I guess Ill leave it my standard 10 minutes then go get her up, oh dear. Its going to be a long day! Lets hope the person Alison has gone to see doesnt have a 48 hours labour like I did, or Im going to be freakin exhausted! Glad I didnt go running this morning, I sure is heck need the energy now!

Moan moan moan, enough of that. Here are some of the pictures of Henry on his 6 month birthday...

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