Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Its official

I am officially done with the snow and I officially do not want to live somewhere it snows regularly or for long periods of time. I have got some serious cabin fever, as has H. The good thing is, whilst I wasnt sure if he liked our daily jogs because he was just strapped into the stroller, apparently he does because he has been in a bit of a foul mood these past few days that we havent been able to go for our hour outside. When will it go away!? The good news is, if I can finish my polishing in this next nap time, tomorrow is totally free and clear!

Henry will be 6 months old tomorrow. Just in time, here are some pictures of him and Knox, both 5 months old. We havent seen Knox in a while because they went to Texas for an extend holiday visit, but I hear he has had a growth spurt and is almost 18lbs! (No idea on H but Im guessing about 15lbs). Looking forward to getting photos of them together at 6 months old if they are that different in size!

Henry 6 month update: He now has a whole selection of things he eats... sweet potatoes, carrots, pears, apples, butternut squash, oats and pumpkin; and today he tried avocado, though Im not entirely sure he actually liked it. He sits up well but cant be left unattended yet as he occasionally falls backwards. He LOVES to be dropped onto the bed from as high as you can reach. He LOVES bath-time. He had his first milk feeding from someone other than me (his Daddy). He drinks his juice out of a bottle well, holding it himself. He loves to be held upside down. All in all, a happy young man.

Knox: "What are you doing to me, this guy is crazy!?"
Henry: "Dude, where are you going?"

Henry: "Will you ever stop taking pictures of me? Goodness gracious people, get a new hobby".
Knox: "My, this is a comfy sofa, I could lounge here all day. What do you mean Im about to get my shots? Nobody mentioned vaccinations on today's agenda."

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