Tuesday, March 9, 2010

22 Weeks

Last Thursday Munch turned 22 weeks. Friday we went to the doctors and had, what was possibly our last, ultrasound. The baby is too big to see all at once now, especially if you are not wanting to find out the gender.

144 beats per minute

Weight 1lb 1oz

Baby is still breach, but again we were assured there is lots of time for it to turn. Head is right underneath my belly button (making the ultrasound interesting for someone that cannot bare to have their belly button touched), bottom is by my pubic region, feet are off near my right hip.

My blood pressure was fine at 126/70.

I had gained 6 lbs.

Right on schedule for July 8th delivery (just remember that 5% of babies are born on their delivery date).


  1. Pictures of "Munch" are darling! Hard to believe that little one is there!! My stars, you have way too much energy!!! I'm impressed by all you do. Good luck and I'm thinking of you guys during this special time.

  2. Im feeling the tiredness today though! I just wish I could curl up in bed and never get up! The grey sky isnt helping!