Thursday, March 18, 2010

Belly pics

If you are squeamish, please turn away now.

I seem to have little growth spurts about every two weeks. Here are the pictures we took at the weekend. Naked skin is about to be exposed to you!

23 weeks pregnant. Although today I am 24 weeks!

Oh elasticated waist jeans, how I love you so!


  1. Yay belly pics!! So cute and years from now you can show your little munchkin and they will be all like "mom you were SO funny looking!" and then years from that they will be like "oh wow I totally get it"

  2. You make such an adorable pregnant lady!!

  3. Isn't it neat to have a reason for a belly! You are looking great and I know you are taking each day and savoring the changes (well maybe savoring is a stretch). I'm so excited for you guys!