Monday, March 29, 2010

Where should we go?

I want to be taken away for the weekend so that DK and I actually get to spend some quality, adult time together. I dont want to think about all the stuff around the house/yard that needs doing before the baby gets here. I dont want to read about the three stages of labour. I dont want to look at any baby furniture and worry how we dont have anything at all yet, not even a cleaned out room with clean walls and a clean carpet.

The only weekend we have available for this is April 16th. So I have to chose between missing the violin quartet at the Ford Center and the Memphis Botantical Gardens Spring Event (my favourite time of year; tulips, daffodils, crocus etc) and squeezing in a trip.

If I do decide to miss these things that I have been looking forward to for literally over 6 months now, the question is:

Where should we go?

Assuming we can get some days off work, I dont want to drive more than 8 hours. It wont be hot enough to lie on the beach and play in the water, despite not necessarily wanting my huge stomach to be exposed to the unsuspecting public. A hiking trip with a cabin might be nice, then do we take the dogs?

hmmmm, so many questions when I dont even know if squeezing a trip in to the ONLY (and I mean only) free weekend we have available between now and the baby's birth early July, is even going to be relaxing. Not to mention that this means all the stuff around the house and yard remains uncompleted.

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