Monday, March 15, 2010

Small reliefs

There are many reasons why I love my husband so very much. Not least because when woken up in the middle of the night by a distraught pregnant woman who wants to talk about breast feeding concerns, computer game rules for the kid who isnt even here yet and then cry hysterically about the baby's teeny tiny neck, and how she is going to kill the baby because she isnt going to hold it right, he doesnt get angry at all, but gently explains that the crazy pregnant woman in question will be fine and that unless she holds the baby in her mouth (dog-like) or by the toe, he is sure she wont kill the baby by picking it up wrong and that we have about a decade to work out computer game rules. Phew.

Im not sure if that ended the sleepless night or not, but it certainly made me feel better and stopped the crying. Speaking of which, Im beginning to speculate that I need more sleep as I cried twice on Friday and twice on Sunday, having not cried in many weeks. Why didnt I cry Saturday? Who knows, but it seems co-incidental that I took an afternoon nap Saturday...

I felt terribly guilty for letting Mojo out for the loo at 1130pm last night and falling back to sleep, only to remember he was out there at 130am, rush to let him in and realise that he had been sitting by the back door in the rain for two hours. Oh dear. Perhaps that's what sparked the hours of no sleep.

And then Im jet-lagged from the time change and not making it out of bed until 715am, which is a shame as I had actually been enjoying getting up at 6am. Hopefully as the morning light increases again, I will start to wake up earlier.

Anyways, Happy belated Mother's Day to all those English mother's out there (why is that on a different day to the American Mother's Day but Father's Day is the same?) and Happy belated 29th Birthday patient and loving husband.


  1. Agh! I had a small panic attack that I had forgotten mother's day!

  2. let's get together again soon! hope Danny's bday party was fun-we hate we missed it...