Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Night Night

I had a great swim last night and even found myself a swimming buddy to make sure we are motivated to go each week.

Went out to dinner with some friends to get two-for-one burgers, which was my idea as I wanted beef. This happens to me about every two weeks and it had been well over three since I last ate beef, so it seemed about time. When we got there, everyone in Oxford had also had the same idea so we had to wait over thirty minutes for a table. I kept seeing burgers float by. grrrrrr. Eventually we got a table and I took a few bites of my burger and was stuffed to the brim. But I managed to squeeze about 2/3's of it in. By the time we got home it was way past 9pm, the dogs needed feeding and a few things needed to be picked up. So we climbed into bed around 10pm and I fell asleep sitting up to the Simpsons. Alas, as soon as I laid down to sleep, indigestion set in. I have been rather lucky in this department of pregnancy and this was about the first time I have really got indigestion so that it was terribly uncomfortable.

I guess I passed out at some point but woke up during the middle of the night with indigestion again. Then Danny started snoring. Hardcore snoring. Since he only does this when he is sick, and I wasnt sleeping anyways, I just let him snore on. Then, all of a sudden, he stopped. Of course I panicked that he had stopped breathing so I was deathly still, feeling if the bed was moving with his inhalations. Phew, it was! Then it was baby playtime! Awesome! What a conspiracy. Then I had some form of strange awake-dozing nightmare type thing that totally freaked me out.

Then my alarm went off and I went soundly to sleep!

Re-woke at 7am and forced myself out of bed. Still made it to work just past 730am so I dont have to stay late today!

Its going to be one of those days! Hope yours is better!

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  1. hey Lauren :) I came across your blog b/c you commented on We Three Moms-I'm Sarah Ward-Pat Ward's wife (I think maybe you've met him)..I've heard about you from Bruce and Megan Prescott. Okay-we have all kinds of connections :)

    I saw on We Three Moms that you're concerned about BF..wanted to tell you I am still nursing our 13 month old and if you ever have any questions-feel free to ask me! Or if you just need some support...I was really nervous about BF too when I was pregnant so I understand!

    Hope to meet you in person sometime soon! I've heard great things about you and your husband :)