Wednesday, April 21, 2010

28 weeks photoshoot

Sunday we went to Rowan Oak to take some 28 week belly pics and here are the products...

It seems that the third trimester has really hit me this week, though I am still in denial. The ridiculous nightmares have started again, and I mean ridiculous (panthers eating tigers in my back yard, uh huh, you read that right) and the tiredness, headaches and stomach aches are back with vengeance. But the huffin' and puffin' with difficulty getting in and out of bed/car/shower have all ceased and things just seem easier, which is strange as I am huge! Though I still wear normal (as in, non-maternity) clothes, so that must say something about current fashions. Im also big enough now that people (mostly men, strangely enough) feel comfortable commenting on my 'expecting' state, so I guess I no longer just look fat, eh!


  1. Yay baby belly! Love seeing these! Makes me want to do it all over again, except for that no sleeping part.