Thursday, April 29, 2010

30 weeks realitiy check

Up until today my thoughts have been "I cant believe its only 10 weeks until we meet our little baby, how exciting!"

Then today I went swimming, as I have done twice a week, every week... and it was hard. I found it hard to catch my breath, breathing was hard as I couldn't seem to get enough air in my lungs, if the baby wasn't moving around, then I was having a Braxton Hicks Contraction or trapped wind. It probably had a lot to do with my attitude, I didn't really want to go, but Im glad I did, I suppose, after all exercise is good for you, right.

Im huge but its an approximately 3.5 lb baby right now, and its going to be at least a 7 lb baby in just 10 more weeks. So even though my skin is so tight that it seems like its going to separate at the seams, its going to expand much, much more in the next 10 weeks. Fun!

So today my thoughts are, "I cant believe I have to be this huge (or even bigger) and this exhausted and generally drained for 10 more weeks!"

And then of course, there is the panic attack about giving birth I had on the drive home from the pool this evening. I was feeling pretty good about labour. Dont get me wrong, I knew it would be long, hard and undoubtedly the most painful experience of my life (Ive never even broken a bone) but I was feeling fit and active and healthy. Now I ache from the rib cage to the pelvis and all I did was swim 7o lengths at the pool for an hour, how on earth am I going to cope with hours and hours of torso convulsions!?

If there was not enough negativity in this post, there are a series of thunderstorms set to roll in friday night supposedly dropping 4-8 inches of rain (10-12 in localised spots). The good news is, poor weather makes it easy for me to sit on my couch! And Im seriously looking forward to some couch time! Im sure all will seem bright in about 15 minutes after Ive eaten my dinner, though who can really get excited about spinach salad. hmmmm. I guess Ill just look forward to the peanut butter and ice cream Im going to indulge in (again) afterwards!

(imagine the passing of time!)

Well, no room for peanut butter and ice cream Im afraid, though its ok, I had some last night! My salad, however, was delicious. Spinach, two boiled eggs (got to get that protein in!), new potatoes, strawberries, grapes, sunflower seeds, carrot and parsnip salad. Delicious and healthy! Let's hope I don't wake up hungry at 2am (like usual!).


  1. You're absolutely positively allowed couch time!!
    Don't fret about the giving birth stuff, once you're there you're there and you'll be fine. The mind and body of a woman giving birth is incredibly strong. Wishing you the best for the next stretch (no pun intended ;-)) of 10 weeks!

  2. You will be great! It's amazing what your body and mind can do when it gets to be that time, and you will be so excited to meet that little baby you will do whatever you can to make it happen!

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