Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Doctor's visit

26 weeks 5 days doctors visit went well.

My blood pressure was 'great', announced the nurse, at 122 over 74.

I had gained 3 lbs, which she said was also great.

Uterus height was 'perfect' the doctor stated and we listened to the heartbeat a little while, but we were chatting so I forgot to ask the heart rate. It sounded strong though. We were chatting because he had a bike wreck caused by a dog, my biggest fear when road biking. He is ok now though.

Unfortunately I failed the glucose test for gestational diabetes, though Im not worried about it (and am sitting here eating a cookie!). I have to go back next week and do the longer, more accurate test (read: 3 hours of not eating!). No food since the night before until after the test, which will be over around lunchtime! I have usually eaten at least 3 times by then and drunk juice! Oh well, Im sure a little fasting wont kill me and it would be better to find out, so that I can amend my diet if necessary. Though I don't really see how I could do any more exercise or change my diet all that much, so hopefully the second test will be better!

He said there is nothing we can do about the excruciating tendinitis I have in my right hand, since it would require anti-inflammatories, but you cant take those pregnant, so I just have to deal with it.

He saw no reason we couldn't go on a short vacation at 32 weeks, so Key West, here we come! I really will be the beached whale! We have free flights on air miles and a free hotel on Marriott points, so it shouldn't put too much of a dent in our pockets, though I can eat through some spending money!

Nothing more to report. Feeling great, as usual. Hit the third trimester at the end of this week, so that's fun! Pregnant time seems to be flying by!