Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Belly news

On the belly front, we enter the third trimester this week; 28 weeks Thursday. Passed the most recent glucose test, so no gestational diabetes here. Which is good, because Im not good on diets. Don't know if its psychological or real, but I definitely am starting to feel more tired and feel like I have less energy these past few days, so that's a little disappointing. Practice contractions, or Braxton Hicks, are getting more frequent and are not just limited to the evenings now.

It has been a busy week for baby, though it seems to wear itself out! If it has a particularly active day, the next day tends to be more quiet. There have been some odd deformations in my tummy though, that's for sure.

Issues with having a giant protruding belly you are not used to:

You don't allow enough room when you open doors for yourself and end up having to squeeze through, side swiping your belly.

You get covered in food or water, whatever you are eating or drinking. Its like a built in bib.

You burn it on a hot saucepan because you forgot it was there and then get yelled at by your husband for applying an ice pack to the tremendously sore burn because you will 'freeze the baby!'. Oh please!

I have lots of wonderful pictures of my beautiful garden which is still teeming with creeping phlox, tulips, violets, columbines, irises, azaleas... who ever knew so much could bloom at one time! I just need to capture that husband of mine to get my pictures 'blog-ready' for you... I also planted 14 tomato plants, 4 bell peppers and the spinach, lettuce and snap peas are going strong! Time for squash, zucchini and cucumber seeds to go into the ground!

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