Friday, April 2, 2010


The story behind these little guys is rather cute... I have never planted crocuses anywhere in my garden. Don't get me wrong, I think they are adorable, but I was under the impression that it didn't get cold enough in Mississippi to grow such wintery bulbs. So who knows how they got there! My guess is by bird dropped seed. They are in a flower bed which we created, so are not like our pink ladies which must have been put in by our predecessors; the soil in which these crocuses live is 2 feet higher than it used to be. For several years I have noticed little shoots in their location and knew that I had not put anything there, but I am of the opinion that if it isn't a nasty weed or harmful to anyone, it can stay until we work out what it is; we have acquired lots of awesome plants this way! Well this year, we worked out what it was! Unfortunately, the night after I took this picture there was a deluge of a rain storm and they got plastered into the surrounding mulch, but I was able to enjoy them for a few days at least!

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