Monday, June 7, 2010

How lucky I am!

Not only did I get to see friends from far away places this weekend, but I had my big baby shower! I had so much fun, and received so many wonderful gifts and got shown just how much the wonderful people around me love me. It was truly overwhelming! More so, I think, because they don't have showers in England. Not that people don't wash, but that there is no gathering of women before a large event in a young woman's life such as their wedding or the birth of their first (or subsequent) child where gifts are exchanged. I think that is a huge shame and perhaps something that should be introduced over there.

Lots of family members came and friends from around town. Lisa also flew down from Maine and Summer drove in from Nashville. The day started with a walk with my dogs, then the three of us, Lisa, Summer and I (not the dogs), went to the Bottletree for breakfast. I consumed more sugar than I generally do in an average week in the form of a giant cinnamon roll! We got home just as people started arriving.

There was fantastic food made by Ibrahim, lovely carrot cupcakes (the best flavour of course!), fruit salad and other delicious goodies. Though I did have to stash a cupcake as Id already had too much sugar for one morning!

I received so many wonderful present and to you all I am so grateful! I even managed not to cry. I did get emotional after everyone had left and I was thanking Tasha and Megan for throwing me such a lovely party because to me, it just showed how much I must mean to them. I think sometimes we forget to appreciate our friends, what with the rat race that we call life. It was so nice to realise how much I must mean to them and to appreciate all that they do for me.

There was a jungle gym, a baby rocking chair thingy, books, beautiful handmade blankets and these adorable Annes Geddes style swaddle cocoons that will make the baby look like a mini giraffe and lady bug (but not at the same time!). There were newborn nappies (thankfully, I can stop panicking about early labour now!), clothes, a high chair and feeding stuff, a nursing pillow, a scrapbook and super cool hooded towel, a musical mobile, touch lamp, an adorable hamper, baskets, cloth nappies (taking us up to a sufficiently respectable 26 thank goodness!), toys, wall art... please forgive me for not remembering everything, like I said, there were so many wonderful and useful gifts, its almost overwhelming!

The rest of the weekend was sort of a blur after so much excitement! We went to the City Pool and I got some exercise. Then the others played Risk with Rory dominating the World, while I went to bed!

Sunday was a little disappointing for Lisa, who came to find out that Delta had sneakily canceled her flight and she wasnt flying until Monday. So to cheer her up we went to the pool again, had Root Beer floats, took the dogs to the lake, ate delicious salads, watched tv and crashed into bed!

Today I can honestly say that I was exhausted! I yawned all day! So Im making an effort to be asleep by 830pm, the problem is, I have to at least wait until its dark out to go to bed! So Im going to go read and try and calm it down as I had lots of Braxton Hicks today and a stomach ache from eating heavy meat at Volta for lunch.

There are lots of guesstimates of baby's arrival date, gender and birth weight, so I shall post those as soon as Ive had some rest! And when that man of mine gets home, perhaps I can post a picture or two of the nursery and all of the lovely gifts we received.

Thank you everyone for came on Saturday! I really enjoyed myself!

Almost full-term! 36 weeks this Thursday!

Oh and I ate two more tomatoes off my grape vines!

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