Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Talk about sneaky!

So I do believe there is a rabbit sneaking into my back yard at night, when the dogs are safely asleep in the house. I was starting to wonder why I hadn't had hardly any lily blooms this year and was beginning to worry that they were not getting enough light. This is worrying as it is my understanding that lilies don't especially like to be moved. But no! This is not the reason! I found several lily stalks (good, strong, thick stalks) that had been bitten off about 8-10 inches from the ground, then the heads eaten off the lilies themselves and the stalks left lying on the ground. No caterpillar or slug has that kind of skill! I cant get down low enough to get under the hydrangea and see if in fact the critter is living under its canopy, but when that man of mine gets back, his primary job (after giving me a cuddle and telling me how much he missed me, of course) is to seek out this darned lily predator and secure my lilies! Interestingly, it is choosing not to eat the many many hostas that look so beautiful in my back yard.

Two more grape tomatoes are ready to pick! Now my tomato vines are taller than the stakes that support them, so Im a little stumped. It was suggested to me today at work that you just loop them round and let them grow down the other side, so I guess Ill be giving that a go. There are also lots of flowers on the speckled butter bean vines, however the pole beans don't seem to be making it thanks to a combination of rabbits and caterpillars, and don't even get me started on my inability to keep soy beans from getting eaten! Megan suggested Critter Ridder yesterday, so I guess a trip to Home Depot is in order here shortly, that is if we want edamame this year!

Thoroughly enjoyed a lunchtime swim at the outdoor pool today, and getting quite the little tanned and freckly face! Hoping for a photoshoot when that man gets home as its been a while. Poor guy is run ragged. I wonder if he reaslises he needs his rest for the arrival of the little one too... hmmmmm. I wonder why said little one feels the need to sleep with its legs straight out? I look very square with a butt out one side of my tummy and feet out the other.


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