Thursday, June 17, 2010

I almost cried

If I thought that losing the vast majority of my cucumber vines to deer in one night was as bad as it could get, I certainly adjusted my thinking this morning. Last night I lost most of my sunflower heads, pole beans, butter beans, zucchini, squash, heirloom tomato plants and yet more cucumber vines. I really wanted to cry, but I was a big girl and held it in. Then to add insult to injury I found two huge tomatoes on the floor with giant caterpillars in them. If I ever had thoughts of owning an organic farm where I relied on my produce, those thoughts were quickly banished from my mind this morning. Everything can just go in one foul swoop. So yes, we are heading straight to Home Depot today to buy some fence posts and to see if we can keep these pests with meal tickets to my front yard away from my vegetables, so I actually get to eat some of them.

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