Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's official

I can officially rest food and drinks on my belly! So much fun!

It's sort of square these days!

Why do people feel the need to tell pregnant women just how HUGE they are and that they must be due any day!? Thanks so much folks, nope... 5 more weeks to go. Why is it socially acceptable to tell a pregnant woman she is huge, but not to tell a fat person they are fat? I honestly don't care, I'm huge because I have a baby in my belly, but just getting a little tired of hearing it! Oh, and for all of those people who like to comment on how HUGE I am, everything I am wearing today is a regular size, not maternity! ha! Target mediums!


  1. How ridiculous that someone would actually look you in the face and tell you that you're huge! You should start responding with: "Well, I am __ weeks pregnant!"