Friday, June 25, 2010

Photos and update

38 Weeks now! Can you believe it!

The doctor told me today that he couldn't believe I was 38 weeks as Ive been such a stress-free, easy patient! I can't help being super healthy! eh!

Blood pressure a little higher than normal but still good for 38 weeks pregnant; 128/76, no weight gain again this week, baby's heartbeat sounded strong. Nothing going on in the 'getting-ready-for-labour' area of things though. Encouragingly he said if I stay as healthy as I am, he wont talk about induction until at least 41 weeks, so that's good.

On other subjects, got a rolling supply of the most delicious tomatoes and green beans ever out of my garden! Also got to make some pesto this weekend, though it will be walnut pesto since the price of pine nuts in this town has gone through the roof!

These pics are from 37 weeks out at the Lake. If you can drag your eyes away from the belly, check out the serious number of freckles!


  1. Ah Lauren, you look adorable! I know about now you are feeling like a whale but hey,it is hard work lugging around that little baby in the womb! Start watching the mail for a little something I hope you can use with your precious bundle. I'm so excited that you guys and Summer and J.P. are due in the same year!

  2. Hey, great photos! Hope everthing is good. How are you? Best wishes for everything that's to come. xxx Anais.