Friday, August 7, 2009

The Resurrection of Friday Night Date Night (for one week at least!)

Its so hard to find time to spend together when life and responsibilities take over. To combat this we used to do Happy Tuesday, where you celebrate the other person on Tuesday with a gift, a card, a special meal, lunch out etc and with Friday Night Date Night. They have both fallen by the wayside of late, mostly because we have been away on so many fieldtrips that we havent been in the same town, or sometimes even the same country, to do nice things for each other. This week was different... we spent last week recovering from our respective trips and we will probably be spending next week getting ready for the next ones, but this week was fair game. Monday we discussed our future, tuesday we listened to music and read our books, wednesday Danny did some Captured stuff and I made bread, thursday was the all important Fantasy Football Draft and tonight, well, tonight we are going on a good old fashioned date! We will be eating roasted butternut squash and fig pasta at home and then going into town to get the scrumptious Belgian Chocolate Bread Pudding at the Downtown Grill. Then I will hopefully kick Danny's bee-hind at Canaster (a card game, yeah ok, we are old!). Im so very excited!

Some might say good karma, others might say I am just really lucky to have wonderful people in my life, because today lots of people did nice things for me! My friend bought me a beautiful little footstool as a thank you for looking after her dog next week, a great gift gift since I cant reach the top-shelf in our lovely grownup new closet. Then a gentleman at work named Sam Testa, whom I gave a couple of cupcakes too yesterday and made some bread for, brought me in some dried figs from his tree and Yavuz brought me a big bowl of tomato soup that his gorgeous new wife made! Im going to save it for my dinner tomorrow night! What amazing people I have around me, such kindness all in one day! Thanks guys.

Im going to try making a new tomato soup saturday hopefully, and I promise to put more effort into it this time. I hope you have been perfecting yours! Please post your recipes!


  1. Don't tell Lauren, but I let her win ;-)


  2. 5985 to 2690, thats what I call a slaughtering my friend!