Thursday, July 1, 2010

39 Weeks

39 Weeks today and I still feel great! I really am so grateful for such a wonderfully happy, healthy pregnancy.

The clothes situation is almost desperate, but Im not buying new clothes for just a few weeks.

Ate 7 more blueberries from my blueberry bushes and they were the most delicious, succulent, tasty blueberries I have ever had! I hope they are still producing when my parents get here next weekend...

And if my parents get here next weekend, then Im going to be having a baby very soon! duh duh duuuuuh!

Started sleeping with the bassinet next to the bed last night to get the dogs ready. Small changes are better for them than shocking them into major new realities. Really its just Tux who I think will be bothered at night, because he sleeps on Danny's side of the bed and then gets up during the night and wants to switch to my side of the bed. Sometimes this is possible as Mojo occassionally sleeps under the bed, leaving the other dog bed free. But more often than not lately, probably old age, he is sleeping on his dog bed. So when Tux comes round to try and sleep next to my side, there is no where for him to sleep and he whines until I bring the other dog bed round to my side of the bed. Well if there is a baby sleeping right there, I cant be bringing the other bed round for him, so I want him to start dealing with that now rather than when I am sleep deprived and he is upset with night time baby crying, as is inevitably going to happen.

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