Sunday, July 11, 2010

I found a bad thing about being pregnant

Ive been wandering around my garden, surveying my land as it were, and everything looks like crap. Crap I tell you. There are weeds everywhere, and I mean everywhere. There is grass growing in flower beds, flowers dying, things that need dead heading, things that have obviously needed watering for some time. Crap. This is the only thing I can think of that is truly awful about being pregnant, the inability to work hard in ones garden, and I only recently quit working out there, so it could be much worse.

Mixed feelings about the doc visit tomorrow morning. He is obviously going to tell me off because he was adamant that I needed to see a stand-in doc Friday, which I had an appointment for, but then they cancelled as she was sick, so its not really my fault. Also anxious because Im sure he is going to say nothing is happening, still, and we move that little bit closer to getting induced. Though I have been having contractions on and off (we think) all day, so fingers crossed something is going on, though it really is hard to know what something is, when you have never felt it before.