Friday, July 9, 2010

Aren't there enough Crittiers?

Seriously! Do I not have enough troubles protecting my tomatoes and other vegetables from deer, rabbits, caterpillars and hornworms? I guess not. Now it seems that the squirrels are stealing the tomatoes, both red and green, going up into a particular tree, eating half of it and dropping the rest on the floor to taunt me.

Its a wonder I can successfully grow and actually eat myself, anything in this place. That being said, I currently have 10 lbs of tomatoes sitting on my counter top waiting to be eaten! 10 lbs! Danny keeps asking me what Im going to do with them all, and I have no idea! I have honestly never had such a bountiful crop of tomatoes! Yeay for composting and leaf mulching! The extra work is worth it I guess! I know for sure I want to show my mum and Dave next week so that they can be impressed with my gardening skills. Ill probably oven dry some as Danny keeps asking for those. Other than that, I continue to have either tomato and cheese sandwiches for lunch or scrambled eggs and fried tomatoes for a late breakfast. I even supplemented my piece of pizza dinner last night with sliced sauted zucchini and squash and a tomato, far far better than the piece of pizza, for which the crust didnt seem to rise like normal for some strange reason. Please don't tell me Im losing my cooking skills too, that would just be too much for me to cope with.

No hornworm deaths this morning, which could either be good that I got so many yesterday, or more likely, bad that I didn't look hard enough and they are out there feasting on my tender new tomato shoots now.

40 weeks 1 day. No baby on the outside. Did a little weeding and trimming of bushes out back. Actually took a shower today as Im leaving the house! Celebrations! Think I might go to the grocery store now and then to the pool, then for Ice Cream on the square with the girlies! What a little socialite I am! So exciting!

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  1. hey lauren-I saw the post a few days ago about needing help with your garden while you're in the hospital...I'd love to help you out. Call me and give me directions (816.6011). thinking about you in these next few days before delivering your baby...I know you'll do great! talk to you soon!