Thursday, July 8, 2010

40 Weeks today!

40 weeks today and baby is still on the inside and showing no evidence of wanting to come out!

As I await the delivery of my Jelly (Jello) and Ice Cream over which my dutiful husband is slaving right now in the kitchen, I will share what is probably our last belly shoot! The next pics may very well be of the little one! Beware, they all show skin!

OH! and he topped it with Cool Whip; the Jelly and Ice cream that is! Man he knows how to make a girl happy!


  1. Um references to cool whip with nekkid belly photos sandwiched in between...awkward! But lovely pics.

  2. ooops! The cool whip was on my jelly and ice cream! sorry!

  3. Beautiful photos of such a pretty belly!