Saturday, July 10, 2010

Things I am grateful for...

Well, blogging will probably be few and far between here shortly... my mum gets here tomorrow (so excited!) and then there is of course the imminent arrival of the noise-maker/sleep-depriver. So even though I am not at the end, I sure am close. So Im going to share all of the ways that I have had a fantastic pregnancy and all of the things I have been grateful for... be ware, there is probably too much information below for most!

I did not vomit. Not once. Yes, the first trimester was tiring and I felt nauseous from about 3pm until 6am, and I took afternoon naps and still went to be around 730pm, but I did not vomit!

For the most part, I have slept through the night well. There were a few weeks there when I didnt sleep half the week, but they were definitely the exception rather than the rule.

I did not get constipation. Unfortunately I did have the opposite problem, but that somehow doesnt seem as bad!

I have not once accidentally peed myself! And yes, this seems to be a common problem during pregnancy for the majority of women, so I count myself very lucky!

I didnt crave any weird and wonderful food combinations or go psycho because I couldnt eat the exact thing I wanted. I did want fast food a couple of times a month during the first trimester, but I think that was a salt issue because I also went through a jar of pickles and olives a week. I know, super unusual for me to eat food like this, but thankfully that ended with the first trimester and I went back to my usual healthy self.

I have not (yet) got stretch marks and the brown line that extends below my belly button is very very faint.

I have gained just 35 lbs and I wasnt even watching what I ate. Yes, it was in a strange order with 15 lbs going on my hips within the first three months, but I still feel like myself rather than a huge blob.

I only had very few and mild nose bleeds and bleeding sore gums the first trimester.

I have been fit and healthy and full of energy and have pretty much been ordered to sit down in this last week or two by my very concerned husband. I have been able to keep up with lots of exercise and still at 40 weeks walk my dogs each morning and only just this week quit swimming 60 lengths a day. I have been able to garden, though at a reduced capacity and have the best tomato crop I have ever had.

I havent had to buy clothes since early Spring. Things are almost desperate, but thanks to the generosity of my friends I have a couple of dresses that I simply rotate at this late stage. I really didnt buy that much for myself and love everything I did buy.

Contrary to what everyone else says, I have really enjoyed being pregnant in the summer. As high as my overall body temperature and nausea was in the first trimester, I was really grateful to be going through that in the middle of winter so that I could have my office window open and get my office down to about 60-65F so that I didnt feel the overwhelming need to vomit. And now that Im huge and should be uncomfortable, instead I get to eat fantastic fresh summer fare and float around in a pool in the sun. Best of both worlds!

My mood and spirits have been high the whole time! I cried at a few commercials in the beginning, probably even snapped at Danny a few times, but overall Ive managed not to be too hormonal (and I confirmed this with him before writing this!).

Very few people have touched my stomach and certainly no strangers!

My feet and ankles do not swell. Ive noticed a little swelling on about two occasions, but that's about it.

Im grateful for the best advice given to me: Everyone is going to give you advice, smile nicely and listen, then process in your own time. Thanks Megan and random Life Insurance lady who was probably the third person to know that we were pregnant!

Im grateful for our 'babymoon' to the Florida Keys. It really was so nice to get away on holiday together for the last time in twenty years.

Im especially grateful for my wonderful husband who has rubbed my feet and back whenever I asked, carried out all of the chores without even having to be asked, getting the house ready without too much fuss and basically just doted on me as I got big and supported me in any way that he can.

Illogical things I am still concerned about:
That the baby isnt big enough
The fact that I still cannot visualise us having a baby

No horn worms killed again today. Is this a good sign? Could they really all be gone so easily??

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  1. I'm very glad your pregnancy has gone well. You've had such a great attitude about it all! I've been glad to share all those e-mails about it with you, the next best thing to sharing it all with you in person. Thinking of you! (My parents and JP keep asking about you...)