Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Let's hold our breaths until we actually see some form of outcome... but I got an email from PetSmart today! I might be getting reimbursed, just got to pop to the store and find out how much all the stuff is that I threw away!


Dear Lauren,

Thank you for contacting PetSmart regarding an infested purchase of Milk Bone product. We are very sorry for the inconvenience you have experienced.

Occasionally pet food, because it is grain based can become contaminated by insects in the product shipping and handling process, especially if the product packaging is not robust. We are restricted as to the use of chemicals in our store, because we operate in a sensitive environment with the foods we sell and the animals that are in our care. We do have pest control measures in place to guard against this, but occasionally a problem will occur.

I researched this incident with our store and our management team advised that they offered you a 36 lb bag of food at a discounted price of 50%, as well as the offer to bring your pets in for an exam at the Banfield Clinic if your dogs became ill. How are your pets doing? Did you need us to arrange a home visit by Orkin for pest control?

Can you provide me a list of the items you threw away in the cleaning process - tin foil, cling film and Ziploc bags - and their approximate cost?

Upon receiving this information, I would be glad to continue my research. Again we do apologize for your unsatisfactory experience. I'd also like to extend best wishes on the new addition to your family.


  1. Way to go! Always pays to write a letter!

  2. I'm glad they are apologetic and willing to make up for the problem. Much, much better than my Whirlpool experience...