Sunday, May 16, 2010

Baby moon Part Deux

What a beautiful day!

In the morning we relaxed by the pool and splashed around in the water.

In the afternoon we sailed to a mangrove island and snorkeled around the shallows. Unfortunately, Danny didn't see that much stuff, I say unfortunately because we really went for him. I however, saw a ton of stuff! I was more about the floating around, than the swimming, so I guess I just chanced upon more wildlife. I was floating around, minding my own business when some kind of ray swam along the reef just in front of me. It was a little grey one, about 2 feet across. When I looked up, this long skinny fish with a pointy nose was swimming past me. I felt a little uneasy and watched it pass, following it as it left, and watched the water where it had been for a while to ensure that it had left. Then it came around me on the other side; gulp. Turned around and came past me on the left side again; bigger gulp. At this point I lost it and bolted for the boat; that long skinny fish unnerved me. On swimming toward the boat I also swam over a huge black ray laying on the floor, it was a good 6 feet wide! I asked the staff what the big skinny fish was that was circling me and low and behold, it was a barracuda! Had I have known there were barracuda in the water, there is no way I would have been in there too! Mind you, I had asked the lady if there was anything in there that could hurt me before I got in, and she had said no!

We had an early dinner in town at Fogarty's, again! I know, I know, sad to eat at the same place twice when you only have three nights to eat in one town, but we were really tempted by their menu and really enjoyed the food the first night; and they had blended drinks! So Danny was tipsy by the time our dinner arrived! My dinner was delicious though; pan fried grouper with crab stuffing, rice, asparagus and red bell pepper sauce. After a frosty drink refill, for the non-pregnant one, we took the shuttle back to our hotel and watched the sun go down sitting on our balcony, before enjoying the huge jet-bath in our 'apartment'. What a beautiful end to a beautiful day!

Tomorrow, on to Bahia Honda State Park for more relaxing on the beach and snorkeling! It doesn't get much better than this! The funniest thing is our random sunburn! We are both doing pretty well, but we both have some random spots of red. For me its the inside blotches of both knees, for Danny its the little strips on his shoulders where he sprayed the front and I sprayed the back and we didn't over lap!

This has to be the most relaxing and indulgent few days we have had in a long ass time! The baby, on the other hand, has been about as animated as it can be!

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