Thursday, May 27, 2010

Gifts gifts gifts!

So there were nine of us at my work baby shower! It was super fun! They really should adopt this tradition in England, it really makes you feel like people care about you.

Lisa had made an adorable little cake, which unfortunately I felt the need to eat two pieces of and made myself sick for the rest of the day. I mean, who needs two pieces of cake in one afternoon?

I made funnies about how there was no way something that was going to fit into these baby-grows (onesies) was going to fit inside my belly...

and I received some lovely gifts... babygrows, a book of classic fairy tales, receiving blankets, shampoo, a picture frame, a nappy changing mat... all such wonderful and useful stuff!

Thanks so much guys!

As an aside, my dog brought me a dead baby rabbit into the bedroom this morning at 6am. Lovely bleary eyed start to the day!

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