Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Busy busy bumble bees!

Friday we drove to Nashville and shopped til we dropped! We bought an armchair/glider, ottoman and dresser for the baby's room, though I have to say, its less exciting spending LOTS of money when you dont get to take anything home. I feel relieved though, at least the furniture is now on its way! We bought some cloth nappies and swaddling blankets at Pickles and Ice Cream, a baby boutique in the suburbs, and not to mention our first baby toy! The cutest cordoury bunny you ever did see, with big floppy yellow ears! I love it!

Saturday was the low key, chilled out wedding of Hannah and Doug, which was nice. Though I really should have put sunscreen on before the wedding and packed more food for myself! I was starving by the end of the day and exhausted. I didnt get nearly enough to eat and passed out pretty quick, though that husband of mine came in from the movies around 1230-1am ish and of course, that was me up for a few hours.

So Sunday I was even more tired and hungry! Went to a fancy extended family brunch and ate my little heart out, of course giving myself that pain under the ribs that signifies that you tried to stuff too much food into an area where there is very little room. Managed to sleep a little on the way home though, and get a few more rows on the blankie completed, which of course, is no where near being finished!

We took Monday off work to get some things done around the house, so that was yet another tiring day. I have to say, Im beginning to feel rather tired at most times. Not bad to be first feeling like this at 32 weeks eh!

In complete contrast to last weeks prenatal class, we went to the epidural class at the hospital tonight. I was in a mood about it because I really didnt want to go, but realise that it is better to be prepared for an unknown situation. But I have felt pretty rough in the tummy today, had a bunch of Braxton Hicks this afternoon and scoffed down my scrambled eggs and Spaghettios on toast, so I was not in a good frame of mind. The contrast in this class, apart from not wanting to go, was that everyone there was freakin' huge! I was no longer the biggest belly in the room. Also, everyone there was country; what does that say about me? No, it does not mean Im country, it means I didnt fit in! So why do professional looking people go to prenatal classes and country looking people go to epidural classes?

Exciting news: we ate the first produce from our garden yesterday! Our snow peas were delicious and I got to pick another handful tonight. The broccoli is coming along too, surprisingly, and the lettuce and spinach is pretty much ready to pick! Salads all round then eh! Sad news: my broccoli is covered in little tiny caterpillars, so I tried spraying it with Method dish liquid, so we shall see how that does. I didnt have the energy to bend over long enough to squish them all.

Super exciting news: Danny is putting together the baby's crib as I type! We put up some of the decals and they are adorable! So excited to put up the rest!

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