Friday, May 7, 2010


We went to our first prenatal class at the hospital last night, and oh my gosh, I am huge. I began to get a feeling for this when I got my hair cut wednesday and another lady at the salon was a week ahead of me and had a belly about a quarter of the size of mine, but that could have just been her, right!? Well, last night there were more pregnant bellies in one room than I had ever seen and it was officially confirmed, mine was the biggest belly of them all (apart from the obese woman and the overweight woman, of course). And the worst part is, usually you can speculate that these other women may just be less further along than you, but we were introduced by due date, and there were women up to 3-4 weeks further along than me! And still my tummy was twice the size of theirs.

Danny's theory for my huge stomach is that because I am so short, I have to grow out in front, as there is no room within. I like this theory. Its not like Im any bigger anywhere else, well, ok, except for my bottom, but that could be for balance! What sort of worries me, is that my belly is all baby - it is rock solid and you can see the movement, so its not like it has lots of fat padding. So another of Danny's theories is that its just a rather large baby; oh dear. But I suppose a bigger baby makes a healthier baby, I just cant help but think about the pain and the tearing. Not that any of this matters, as there is nothing I can do or even want to do about the size of my huge stomach. And the funny thing is, I dont even notice it; I dont feel big, I dont have trouble breathing or catching my breath, and unless I slouch forward, which isnt good for you anyway, I dont notice any discomfort in my torso. So perhaps the baby is just all out front.

My huge stomach will be immortalised in family portraits at Hannah and Doug's wedding this weekend in Nashville, which if you keep up with American news, got flooded by the rains last weekend. In fact, Nashville received a record amount of rainfall, ever. So it could be an interesting weekend, and perhaps smelly, as they are requesting that people only use water for drinking. I hate to be irresponsible, but I am going to take a shower before the wedding though. I might be big and ugly, but I dont have to smell too! And perhaps my lovely new haircut will take people's attentions away from the watermelon someone stuck to my front. Dont worry, I realise nothing bar Danny walking around naked is going to take away from my huge belly, and Id rather he kept his trousers on in public!

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