Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tummy tactics

Many months ago, my friend Meg asked me why pregnant women hold their stomachs. At the time, my answer was that I held my stomach because I wasn’t used to having it yet. But now Im used to it, and I still touch my tummy, so I started to wonder why… There are actually many reasons why I touch my tummy…

If the baby is kicking or wiggling around at an inconvenient time, such as in a meeting or when I am trying to get to sleep, I hold my tummy as this often makes it stop moving.

I touch my tummy when the baby is moving around because I like to feel its movements. Obviously, having read the last comment, you know that this is counter-productive and often stops the baby moving. I also don’t understand this one because I can feel it from the inside, so why do I feel the need to feel it from the outside with my hands too? Who knows.

I tend to touch my tummy when someone asks me how far along I am. I guess that’s sort of a defense response type thing. And please people, stop asking me if its twins, Im seriously not that big! Though I did measure what used to be my waist last night and its now 38 inches in circumference! (a sweet 26 inches just a year ago; a measurement Im sure Ill never see again!)

I touch my tummy for comfort. This may be hard to believe at 31 weeks along, but I often don’t feel pregnant, or at least I don’t feel any different from not being pregnant. So its nice to touch my tummy to be reminded of the fact that Danny and I will have a little family of our own here soon.

I often scratch my tummy or pretend to scratch it in the hopes that mentally this will help me stop itching!

Ive been told that random strangers may come up to you and try to touch your stomach, so holding your belly will then be a protective thing.

Im sure I can think of some other reasons…


  1. I still want to know how you measure something that doesn't exist? :) You will have a waist again, though it may not look like it did before. And if it does, I might like you a little less! :)