Sunday, May 2, 2010

Weekend rain: day two

Well, today has been a lot more successful on the 'do nothing' front. I did wake up early, but it was a good thing as there was no rain between 7 and 715am, so I took the dogs outside for a bathroom break before it started up again. I got back into bed though, had a nice conversation with my mummy! Met the girls at Lusa, the new Portugese cafe in town for brunch, which was really nice and relaxing. The food was ok; dont know that I would eat there again. Made bread, ironed a few items of clothing and sat down on my couch eating popcorn.

Its 4pm and the only other thing on my list for today is to do my yoga dvd and make myself a fantastic lentil stew for dinner, so I think Ive got the rest of the day covered, eh!

A successful day of doing nothing! I shall pat myself on the back!

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